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Chris Thrall was born in South-East London. A former Royal Marines Commando, he served in the Northern Ireland Conflict, trained in Arctic warfare and survival, earned his parachutist’s ‘wings’ and operated as part of a high-security detachment onboard an aircraft carrier. In 2007, he wrote the internationally bestselling memoir Eating Smoke, about his descent into crystal meth psychosis while working for the Hong Kong triads.


A qualified pilot, skydiver, a keen snowboarder and ultra-runner, Chris has backpacked through all seven continents, run 76 miles non-stop and a sub-four London Marathon. He is currently running the length of Britain unsupported for charity while camping along the way.


In 1999, Chris firewalked 120 metres over red-hot coals to raise the money to work with street children in Mozambique. He has driven aid workers from Norway to India and back by coach, dived off the cliff in Acapulco and scuba-dived with leopard seals while exploring the Antarctic Polar Circle. Having raised thousands of pounds for projects in Africa, Chris was awarded the Second Level Commendation of the Finnish Nation on the grounds of human generosity.


Chris has a degree in youth and community work. He is a substance-misuse and addiction specialist who runs an online clinic. He lives in Plymouth, England, and plans to continue adventuring, charity work, writing his third memoir and the bestselling Hans Larsson series.


For public speaking or addiction advice please use the email link.


Eating Smoke on Facebook Youtube book trailer for 'Eating Smoke' a book set in Hong Kong by former Royal Marine Chris Thrall