Chris firewalked forty metres over red-hot coals to raise money to work with street children in war-torn Mozambique. He has driven volunteer journalists to India and back in an old school bus to highlight global inequality and poverty. Chris was awarded the Second Level Commendation of the Finnish Nation on the grounds of Human Generosity for his ability to inspire others.

While backpacking through every country in North, Central and South America, he dived off the famous cliff in Acapulco, caught piranhas and survived without equipment in the Amazon rainforest and snorkelled with bull sharks off Belize. In colder climes, he has scuba-dived with leopard seals and icebergs in the sub-zero waters of the Antarctic Polar Circle.

Chris Thrall writer military addiction survivor at Great British Speakers

Chris wrote the bestselling memoir Eating Smoke, a frank yet humorous account of his time down and out in Hong Kong. He has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio and television programs and two award-wining radio plays have been made about his life. Forty Nights, Chris’s second memoir, details how the life-changing experience of addiction led to his enlightenment and wellbeing.

Chris has a degree in youth and community work and is a substance-misuse and addiction specialist. He is able to present this often-misunderstood topic from a positive and progressive perspective. Along with his trademark Royal Marines humour, Chris’s fascinating story, inspirational message and passionate person-centred approach will appeal to those seeking to unlock their potential and corporate clients concerned with the wellbeing of their workforce.

Inspiring Others

Speaker in Mental Health for the Rotary Club of Great Britain.

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