#10 What’s it like to INJECT Heroin? A Former User Tells All

Have you ever wondered what it is like to inject heroin? In this podcast I discuss this topic and tell all. This video in no way glorifies drugs or supports substance misuse. Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!Bit of a serious subject in this podcast, heroin. There’s a lot of misunderstanding against all drugs, especially […]

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#9 How I Got My Private Pilot’s License, PPL

In today’s podcast I discuss how I earned my private pilot’s license in Florida – aka PPL Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!So we’re talking about learning to fly. You should all do it! You get one life right and you should take it seriously and achieve your dreams. I’m a qualified pilot and that’s […]

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#8 I Joined the Royal Marines For A BET!

A MUST WATCH if you’re thinking about joining the elite Royal Marines Commandos. Before the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) I was homeless and joined for a bet! Here I discuss tests such as the endurance course Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!I’m going to be talking about how I ended up in the Royal […]

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#7 Kickboxing A Thai TRIAD Goes Horribly Wrong! How Not To Do Muay Thai!

In this podcast I talk about getting my ass kicked by a Thai triad doorman who was an expert in kickboxing (muay thai). It all went horribly wrong! Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!|For today’s podcast I’d thought I would talk about the time I got into a fight with a Thai triad, in Bangkok […]

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#6 How My Best Friend DIED When We Took ACID (LSD)

WARNING! GRAPHIC ACCOUNT OF DEATH! My best friend dying from drugs psychosis (drowning) when we took acid (LSD) at a festival Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!Today I wanted to talk about how my friend died after we took LSD. I have found by listening to other shows that hallucinogenics are being talked about only […]

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#5 I Got KIDNAPPED By The Turkish Mafia As A Young Royal Marine

Warning! Graphic account of how I was kidnapped by the Turkish Mafia while visiting the old town in Istanbul as a young Royal Marine Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hi Friends!Welcome to podcast #5. I’m going to be telling the story of when me and my Royal Marine friend were kidnapped/mugged by the Turkish mafia. In […]

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#4 What It Like To Work For The Hong Kong TRIADS

In this podcast I discuss what it’s like to work for the 14K Hong Kong triads in the Wan Chai gangland Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!In the 1990’s I left the Royal Marines Commandos to go and run a business in Hong Kong. Six months later I was chronically addicted to crystal meth, in […]

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#3 Crystal Meth Psychosis Explained | Chris Thrall’s Bought The T-Shirt Podcast | Mental Health

In this podcast I discuss what it was like to experience psychosis AKA going ‘mad’. Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends! Welcome to podcast #3, I’m going to be talking about what it is like to go “mad”. ‘ I was in the unenviable position of going “mad”, but fortunately now I’m not so, I […]

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#2 The Truth About Crystal Meth – former drug user shares his story

The good, the bad and the utterly horrific truth of crystal meth addiction – a former drug user shares his story Transcript snippet from podcast “Hello! I’m Chris Thrall. I’m a former Royal Marines Commando. I left the forces to run a business in Hong Kong. But six months later was chronically addicted to crystal […]

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#1 Is the Earth flat? My expedition to Antarctica…

Is the Earth flat? I went on an expedition to Antarctica to find out! A growing number of theorists believe the earth is flat and Antarctica is an ice wall. In view of this, they are hosting conventions and planning cruises, a TV series and an expedition to find out hidden truths.  Even YouTube’s Logan Paul […]

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