Man On Fire In Iraq | Tim Shaw | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #250

Man on fire in Iraq, features Tim Shaw who is a world famous Royal Academy Sculptor and contemporary visual artist.

Man On Fire In Iraq | Tim Shaw | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Tim Shaw is a contemporary visual artist and sculptor. Elected to the Royal Academy of Arts in London, he exhibits in the London Summer Exhibition annually. In 2018, the San Diego Museum of Art mounted Tim’s solo exhibition, ‘Beyond Reason’. This was a six-piece retrospective display covering themes of global terrorism and abuse of power.

Transcript from ‘Man On Fire In Iraq’ podcast

Tim – One of the things with growing up in northern Ireland was that the communities were very divided. You had your nationalist areas and protestant areas. In the early days as a protestant, one may not have felt very comfortable going into a nationalist area. Not far away you would have pavements that had curbs with the colours painted on.

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