Inside The Mind Of Jimmy Savile | Dr Sohom Das | Podcast #275

Inside The Mind Of Jimmy Savile, features Dr Sohom Das who is a consultant forensic psychologist and well known media personality.

Inside The Mind Of Jimmy Savile | Dr Sohom Das

Dr Sohom Das hosts a YouTube channel, named ‘A Psych for Sore Minds’. There he dissects a variety of mental health issues and offers his own professional opinions. Here we see Sohom’s analysis of the infamous Jimmy Savile and the parallels between he and Pablo Escobar.

Transcript from ‘Inside The Mind Of Jimmy Savile’ podcast

Sohom – His peculiar responses to women, when you look back at them now, were blatantly indicating what his intentions were. There’s a couple of things that you mentioned there, I agree with. Everything you’ve said I think we can unpick a little bit. There was a bit when Andrew Neal interviewed him and asked him why he never seemed to settle down with a woman. A reasonable question for somebody at least in the public eye, is really sort of popular and really charming. His answer was really creepy. I settle down with lots of women and I’ll probably see one tonight if there’s anyone available. or something.

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