Chris Thrall is also the author of the bestselling memoir Eating Smoke, his experience of crystal meth addiction while working for the Hong Kong triads.

Check out below to see some Chris’s latest works.

Chris Thrall - Eating Smoke

Eating Smoke

Chris Thrall left the Royal Marine Commandos to find fortune in Hong Kong, but following a bizarre series of jobs ended up homeless and in psychosis from crystal meth addiction.
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Chris Thrall - Forty Nights

Forty Nights

Former Royal Marines Commando Chris Thrall returned from a year in Hong Kong suffering severe psychosis from crystal meth addiction. The medical profession said recovery was unlikely and recommended admitting him to a psychiatric hospital.‘There’s nothing wrong with me!’Chris refused all intervention and his life descended into a chaotic cycle of drug use that almost killed him ... until salvation came in a surprising form.
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Chris Thrall - The Drift

The Drift

Following the death of his wife and son, Hans Larsson buys a yacht named Future, intending to sail across the Atlantic with his young daughter Jessica. En route they meet Penny, a seasoned English skipper, who joins them as crew, and the larger-than-life Marcel, a Dutch art dealer hiding a secret, along with a stash of drugs on his vintage boat. Battling storms, sharks and pirates, Hans and Jessica experience the adventure of a lifetime, until fate intervenes to leave them fighting for survival on an ocean less perilous than the mind . . .
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Chris Thrall - The Trade

The Trade

Former Navy SEAL Hans Larsson arrives on Cape Verde to salvage his sunken yacht, 'Future.' But in a frightening turn of events, he uncovers the island’s dark secret, the Trade. In his role as special operative, Hans employs the Concern’s covert global reach and sophisticated technology to expose a vile chain leading all the way to Washington.
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Chris Thrall - How to Write a Memoir

How to Write a Memoir

Have you ever thought about writing a memoir? With easy-to-understand instruction and a pragmatic approach, this ebook shows you how to stop procrastinating and complete your manuscript, giving insight into the art of good writing as you progress from a bestselling self-taught author. Please note: It is not intended to be a comprehensive grammar, punctuation or stylistic guide.
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Chris Thrall - State Of Mind

State Of Mind

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