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Are you keen to make positive changes in your life and not sure where to start?

Chris has overcome extreme adversity to become a qualified pilot, skydiver, advanced scuba diver, an international adventurer, Antarctic explorer, extreme-endurance athlete, bestselling author, popular podcast host, substance misuse specialist and youth worker.

With a natural ability to connect with people, Chris will support you to reach your full potential.

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No matter where you are in life, Chris will most likely have been there or experienced similar. Putting you immediately at ease, he will take you through the simple but proven steps to get you to where you need to be.

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Coaching & Mentoring Rates
£100 per hour
£50 for those on low income

Royal Marines Advice

Whatever stage you’re at in your military application, PRMC, training or career, Chris will give you practical advice and get your mind and body in the right place.

He can also help you decide if a service career is for you.

Chris’s mentorship program has helped several Royal Marine recruits to leave the remedial ‘Hunter Troop’ and earn their green berets.

LIFE & Mind Coaching

No matter what path you are on, Chris will offer some great advice and guidance. He will take you through the simple but proven steps required to get you the life you deserve.

Chris will help you to rewrite your state of mind and unlock your full potential to become the ultimate version of yourself, with a focus on asking questions to help you identify and solve problems.

WRITING & Publishing Advice

Writing YOUR book is something you HAVE to do – but you must learn the craft to avoid bad reviews. In addition, your publishing experience can lead to years of bitterness, frustration and anger.

Chris is an international bestselling author and has written six well-received books. With clear and easy-to-understand advice, he can help you stop procrastinating and take your manuscript through to print.



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Chris works with both male and female clients of all ages, His straight-talking and people-centered approach achieves immediate results. The positivity and inspiration you get from Chris is infectious.

What people are saying!

Chris has worked with a variety of people over the years, here’s what a few have to say:

“Zero negativity and a positive mind”
– Ant Middleton, SAS: Who Dares Wins
“Chris’s empathy should be lauded and applauded”
– Robbie Williams, Music Megastar
“There are inspirational life stories and then there is Chris”
– Adrian Simon, CEO Naked Eye
“Chris’ ‘can do’ attitude is a real inspiration, making you feel like you can achieve anything”
– Darren Hands, Rotary Club of Great Britain
“What an absolutely incredible and wonderful thing Chris is doing.”
– Tim Johns, BBC