RUNNING HOMELESS FOR CHRISTMAS ?? ?? Hello Friends! I hope this finds you well. I’m Chris Thrall. I’m a former Royal Marines Commando turned author, adventurer and the host of the popular Bought the T-Shirt Podcast. I’m been fortunate to have lived, worked and travelled in over 85 countries across all seven continents. […]

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#44 Royal Marines Commando | Afghanistan | Ben Williams | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Ben ‘Hello Friends, C – Ben, how are you brother? B – Good, yes, how are you? C – Great thanks, it’s always nice to be asked that on my own podcast. Where about in the world are you? I thought you were quite local to me in the […]

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#77 ANYTHING GOES! | James English | The Secret Of My Success | Drugs | Addiction | Ayahuasca | Podcast#

TV and media celebrity and documentary maker James English is the UK’s most popular podcast host. He is also a man who knows how to hold his demons at bay in order to SMASH his life. We discuss drugs and addiction and his recent groundbreaking ayahuasca film made in Costa Rica. My podcast on James’ […]

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#78 The Northern Ireland Conflict | Mike ‘Spike’ Pike | Veterans For Peace | Chris Thrall Royal Marines

Do you want to know the truth about joining the military? Former Scots Guard turned poet Michael ‘Spike’ Pike explains how he feels earnest young men and women are recruited to fight and perhaps die to maintain the power of a sociopath elite. Mike is a prominent member of Veterans for Peace. Transcript snippet from […]

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#79 US Navy SEAL “Shadow Government & Satanists Run The World” | Bob Wiegand | Chris Thrall’s Podcast

Former US Navy SEAL Robert Wiegand has a fascinating life story that brought him face to face with the Shadow Government, Committee of 300, the ET Controllers and more. He ended up working for Bush Sr. and John McCain and has travelled in some very dark circles, witnessing untold horrors along the way. Transcript snippet […]

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#80 The REAL LIFE Iron Man | Richard Browning | Royal Marines | Jet Suit | Gravity

Richard Browning is a British inventor, entrepreneur and speaker. He founded Gravity Industries Ltd in March 2017, the company behind the Daedalus Mark 1, a jet pack that uses several miniature jet engines to achieve vertical flight. He achieved a speed of 85.06 miles per hour (136.89 km/h) with the suit during a Guinness World […]

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#81 Pirates Of The Caribbean | Winston Ellis On Hollywood, Martial Arts, Johnny Depp & Heath Ledger

Dr Winston Ellis is producer of the upcoming ‘The Beast: When Eddie met Arnie’. Winston is an accomplished British Actor and three-times world champion martial artist. He has starred alongside Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean as well as in Cass, Batman the Dark Knight, with the late Heath Ledger, and […]

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#82 United States Marine ATTEMPTS Navy Seals BUDS School | Eddie Penney | Chris Thrall’s Podcast

Could a United States Marine (USMC) join the US Navy SEALs and serve with their ‘Special Tactics’ Group? I chat with Eddie Penney to find out. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Eddie C – Eddie how are you brother? E – Good my friend, how are you? C – Yeah fantastic mate, absolutely fantastic, […]

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#83 Discussing Q And The Hidden King | Dr Charles Ward | Chris Thrall’s Podcast

What is Q? And is the hidden king for real? Is the Great Awakening upon us or have we all been deceived yet again? I discuss this and more with Dr Charles ‘Charlie’ Ward. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Charlie C – Charlie how are you Sir? C – I’m very well Chris and […]

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#84 Q? | True Patriot | United States Marine A J Gage | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Join former US Marine AJ Gage and me as we discuss why it is that some people ‘wake up’. AJ’s channel: Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Angelo C – Angelo how are you brother? A – I’m good Chris, how are you? Thanks for having me on. C – My pleasure, I see […]

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#85 Eyes Wide Shut | Jay Dyer On Esoteric Hollywood And Q | Chris Thrall’s Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Jay Dyer is known for one of the premier film and philosophy sites on the net, Jay’s graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare. Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of the popular title Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film, which made it […]

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#86 CAPSIZED On The PACIFIC! | Mick Dawson | Royal Marines | Ocean Rowing | Chris Thrall’s Podcast

Mick Dawson is a former Royal Marines Commando, film maker, professional sailor and adventurer. He is best known for rowing the Pacific Ocean with friend and fellow ocean rower Chris Martin in a new state of the art vessel, Bojangles, which Mick built. In 2009, they completed their 7,000 mi (11,000 km) voyage in 189 […]

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