RUNNING HOMELESS FOR CHRISTMAS ?? ?? Hello Friends! I hope this finds you well. I’m Chris Thrall. I’m a former Royal Marines Commando turned author, adventurer and the host of the popular Bought the T-Shirt Podcast. I’m been fortunate to have lived, worked and travelled in over 85 countries across all seven continents. […]

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#44 Royal Marines Commando | Afghanistan | Ben Williams | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Ben ‘Hello Friends, C – Ben, how are you brother? B – Good, yes, how are you? C – Great thanks, it’s always nice to be asked that on my own podcast. Where about in the world are you? I thought you were quite local to me in the […]

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#150 SAS Legend On The Fight For Goose Green | Nigel Ely | Special Air Service | Bought The T-Shirt

Nigel ‘Spud’ Ely’s soldiering career in the Parachute Regiment, the SAS, as a Military Consultant and as a War Photojournalist has taken him in to some of the most high-octane battles of the modern era. From Northern Ireland, the Falklands, to Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq, Spud has been in the thick of the most ferocious […]

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#149 Calling ALL Veterans & Patriots | The Enemy Within | ‘We Need A few Good Men’ | Mike McCarthy

This is a call to action for all veterans and patriots. We need a few good men and women – are you one of them? Watch our first podcast here: Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Mike C – Mike, how are you brother? M – Yep, well, good to hear you, good to […]

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#50 Special Forces Support Group, Afghan | MMA World Champion | Martin 50 Cal Stapleton | Royal Marines

MMA World Champion fighter Martin ‘.50 Cal’ Stapleton is a former King’s Badgeman Royal Marine from the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). He is a man that will CHANGE your life. Don’t miss this podcast. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Martin C – Stapes how are you brother? M – I’m alright mate, thanks […]

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#51 Bought The Tee Shirt Podcast | Robbie Williams and Chris Thrall PART 1

I’m Chris Thrall, a former Royal Marines Commando. This is my podcast chat with the megastar Robbie Williams. Part Two is here: We discuss EVERYTHING you won’t hear in the Media. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Robbie C – Robbie how are you brother? R – I’m really good actually, it’s nice to […]

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#52 The Commando Who Refused To Die | Paul Vice MC | Royal Marines | Afghanistan | Invictus Gold Medal

Don’t miss my chat with the legendary former Royal Marine Paul ‘Vicey’ Vice MC – aka ‘The Commando Who Refused To Die’ (a Chris Terrill documentary). Paul is an Invictus Games gold medal winner, an inspirational speaker and a professional racing driver for Jaguar. He’s also a bit of a dude! Transcript snippet from podcast […]

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#53 99% Need Not Apply | Ryan Holistic | Royal Marines | Steroids | Bodybuilding | Bought The T-Shirt

If you want to sort your life out and SMASH your goals … please listen to this man XX Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Ryan C – Ryan how are you brother? R – Good buddy, how are you? C – Yes, everyday is another day in paradise. I keep saying that several times […]

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#54 Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall On Freedom Of Speech, London Real & The ROBBIE Williams Podcast

Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall On Freedom Of Speech, London Real & The ROBBIE Williams Podcast Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Shaun C – Shaun how are you? S – Yeah good brother, how are you? C – You on the gin already? S – Russian vodka! C – I had a beer the […]

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#55 Hollywood Celebrity Bodyguard | Jack English | Royal Marines Commando | Afghanistan

Before becoming a Hollywood bodyguard to the stars, Jack English served as a Royal Marines Commando in Afghanistan. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Jack C – Jack, how are you brother? J – Morning Chris, how you doing? C – I’m doing phenomenal mate. I was thinking I need to come up with a […]

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#56 Prison Officer ‘Strangeways’ 11 Years | Neil ‘Sammy’ Samworth | HMP Manchester | Podcast

Neil ‘Sammy’ Samworth spent 11 years as a prison officer in one of Britain’s toughest jails. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Sammy C – Sammy, how are you brother? S – I’m good Chris, how are you? C – Yeah, I’m alright mate thank you, better every day to be honest. S – Good. […]

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#57 Ollie Ollerton | SAS Who Dares Wins | SBS | Royal Marines | Special Boat Service

Ollie Ollerton from SAS Who Dares Wins (SBS Royal Marines Special Boat Service) as you’ve NEVER heard him before – don’t miss! Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Ollie C – Ollie how are you brother? O – I’m good mate, I’m really good, thanks for having me on. C – Oh, I owe you […]

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