#20 Lies, Damn Lies … And The Media – A Personal Development Podcast

Did you know your whole life is controlled by lies? Great podcast I did with the wonderful Agi Keramidas of Personal Development Essentials. You can subscribe to this worthwhile channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Dv2aTpvr3u8CDlYTRxcMw Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Welcome to the Personal Development Essentials podcast, today I have the pleasure of talking to an exceptional individual. He’s […]

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#19 Can A Westerner Join The Triads? A Doorman For The Triads Explains

Chris Thrall is one of the few westerners to have worked for the secretive and savage Hong Kong Triads. Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello FriendsSo I’ve been asked how many foreigners work for the triads, and even if foreigners can work for the triads. The short answer is no, but there are some exceptions and […]

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#18 How To Deal With Grief, Bereavement and Protect Your Mental Health

In this podcast I discuss the philosophies and practices I adopt to deal with grief and bereavement whilst protecting my mental health Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello FriendsOne of my subscribers has asked me how I deal with grief. I can only give you the benefit of my experience and how I go about this. […]

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#17 Diving Off The Cliff In Acapulco

In this podcast I talk about the time I got to dive off the famous cliff in Acapulco, Mexico, just like Elvis! The original cliff diving. Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello FriendsIn today’s podcast I’m going to be talking about goals and dreams. I hope you like me, have achieved all of yours. If you […]

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#16 Held Hostage At Knifepoint In The Jungle – A true crime travel story

I nearly lost my life while fighting off kidnappers. In this podcast I discuss the time I was held hostage at knifepoint in the South American jungle, a true crime travel story Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello FriendsToday I’m going to be talking about the time I was kidnapped at knife point in the jungle. […]

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#15 What It’s Like To Be Shot At – A Royal Marines Sniper Contact

In this podcast I discuss what it’s like to be shot at (with a Kalashnikov AK-47) by a sniper whilst serving in the Royal Marines Commandos Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello FriendsI was asked the other day “what’s it like to be shot at?”. So, I’ve been shot at or had a gun pulled on […]

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#13 My 18-Day Water Fast

My 18-Day Water Fast – how I lost 42 pounds / 20kgs and regained my mental health Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!Just wanted to talk briefly about the water fast. After I had a spinal operation I was put on a lot of medication for a long period of time, and when I came […]

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#12 How to Lose Weight Quickly (& Safely). No Fad Diet

In this podcast I disclose ‘How to Lose Weight Quickly, Healthily & Safely’. No fad or keto diets. Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello Friends!Just wanted to do a very short podcast about weight because I see so many people obsessed with it, so many people doing the wrong things and life coaches such as myself […]

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#11 Alkaline Diet – Why I Never Get Sick

Fed up with being SICK?!!! In this podcast I talk about ‘ultimate health’ through the #alkaline #diet and how your body is resistant to #disease when you’ve created an alkaline environment, hence why I never get sick. Plus how I was ultra-running #999miles in this state Transcript snippet from podcast ‘Hello FriendsI’m often asked by […]

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