#57 Ollie Ollerton | SAS Who Dares Wins | SBS | Royal Marines | Special Boat Service

Ollie Ollerton from SAS Who Dares Wins (SBS Royal Marines Special Boat Service) as you’ve NEVER heard him before – don’t miss! Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Ollie C – Ollie how are you brother? O – I’m good mate, I’m really good, thanks for having me on. C – Oh, I owe you […]

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#58 Steven Blades | Vikings | Royal Marines | Coronation Street

After surving a tour of Afghanistan and then losing an eye in a savage street fight, former Royal Marines Commando Steven Blades overcame PTSD to embark on a successful acting career, landing a role in Vikings and working alongside Milo Gibson. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Steve C – Steve, how are you brother? […]

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#59 Robbie Williams Part 2 | Secrets Of The Hollywood Elite | Chris Thrall’s Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Rob and I continue our fascinating chat about the Hollywood elite. Part 1 is here: https://youtu.be/3IuivMFyyMk Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Robbie C – Rob, how are you brother? R – I’m doing really good thanks mate. 10’000 subscribers. C – 12’000 now, thank you to all these subscribers or friends as I prefer. […]

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#60 Agent Handler ‘Bernie’ | SBS Unarmed Combat Instructor | Bodyguard | Royal Marine | Author

Bernie was born in South London and joined the Royal Marines in 1973. During his twenty-four year military career, he served with 45, 40 and 41 Royal Marine Commandos, was attached to the Special Boat Service and also engaged in special duties in Northern Ireland. After his retirement from the Corps, Bernie joined the London […]

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#61 The SPECIAL FORCES Experience | Jason Bowen SFC | SAS & SAS Selection Fan Dance | Escape & Evasion

Jason Bowen is a former Special Forces Signaller who now runs ‘The S.F. Experience’. The S.F. Experience is staffed by former elite operators from the SAS, SBS and SFSG to give members of the public a taste of the hardest military selection course in the world. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Jason C – […]

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#62 The ‘MAD’ Paratrooper Graeme Bint | Snipers In Bosnia | The SERIOUS Road Trip | Simone Van Kan

Former paratrooper Graeme Bint is the hardest man alive. He and the equally as courageous Simone van Kan braved snipers and IEDs to get food to starving orphans in Sarajevo – in return for beer and diesel. This is a story you DON’T want to miss! Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Graeme and Simone […]

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#64 Incoming! | Garry Curtis | Bodyguard | Suicide Survivor | Iraq | Afghanistan | Royal Marines

Garry Curtis is a former Royal Marines Commando who has operated in every major conflict in the last twenty years. He has been bombed, shot at and held hostage. He has seen things people shouldn’t see. Garry talks openly about his PTSD and trying to take his life. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Garry […]

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#65 FIRST Into Action | Duncan Falconer | Special Boat Service | SBS | Royal Marines | Author

Duncan Falconer joined the British Royal Marines at the age of 18. At 19 years of age, he attended SBS selection in Poole Dorset and was one of nine Marines to successfully complete the course out of 147 men. Most candidates are required to serve some time in a Commando unit before applying, however Duncan […]

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#66 Blown Up, Shot, Stabbed | SO19 – The Met Police Armed Response Unit | Helen Barnett | Podcast

Helen Barnett and was authorised to shoot to kill. She has been blown up by the IRA, shot and stabbed. Helen was the first mother to join the Met Police’s Armed Response Unit. Transcript snippet from podcast Chris and Helen C – Helen, how are you? H – Hi Chris, I’m very well thanks how […]

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#68 Nick Dunn | SFSG | 1 Para | Surviving HELL | The Chennai Six | Podcast

Arrested and imprisoned in India as one of the ‘Chennai Six’, Nick wasn’t just innocent of any crime – there was no crime. Stationed on an anti-piracy ship to protect vessels against Somali pirates, the six were arrested and falsely charged with intruding in Indian waters and the possession of illegal weapons. Nick lost four […]

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