Hello Friends!

I hope this finds you well.

I’m Chris Thrall. I’m a former Royal Marines Commando turned author, adventurer and the host of the popular Bought the T-Shirt Podcast. I’m been fortunate to have lived, worked and travelled in over 85 countries across all seven continents. I’m a qualified pilot, skydiver and advanced scuba diver. I’ve backpacked through every country in North, South and Central America. I’ve taught street children in post-war Mozambique and driven journalists to India and back by coach. I’ve also expeditioned to the Antarctic Polar circle to dive on icebergs. I’m now hold a degree in youth work. I’m a substance misuse specialist and an inspirational speaker.

But my life wasn’t always so adrenaline-fuelled and adventured packed …

Upon leaving the Royal Marines I completely lost my mental health and ended up homeless. But without any support from professionals or groups, I got my life back on track and now support others to do likewise and I raise money for veterans charities.

In 2018 I ran an ultramarathon a day #999miles the length of Britain. In 2019 for my 50th birthday I completed a quadruple ironman-distance triathlon, swimming 9 miles, cycling 450 and running for 108.

Now I need YOUR support as I take on my toughest challenge yet!

On the 22nd December 2020 I will be running home-less for Christmas. I will run 200 miles around the Brickfields running track in Plymouth – that’s 800 laps – to raise awareness of the UK’s homelessness problem and funds for the Baton veterans charity. I’ve picked a running track to represent the boredom, monotony and endless drudge of being street homeless. I’ve picked Christmas to symbolise the loneliness and lack of empathy that socially excluded people face – not just during the festive season but throughout their lives.

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