Paratrooper WALKS The UK | Chris Lewis | #97

Paratrooper walks The UK, features Chris Lewis, a former British paratrooper from Swansea in South Wales. Chris walked the entire UK coastline in order to raise money for SSAFA in August 2017.

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Paratrooper WALKS The UK | Chris Lewis

Veteran Chris Lewis, 39, a former British paratrooper from Swansea in South Wales, left to walk the entire UK coastline to raise money for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity in August 2017. Chris, 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment (2 Para), struggled to cope with life on ‘civvy street’ after leaving the parachute regiment and finding himself homeless. SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity stepped in to help him, but when he faced homelessness for a second time, he decided to embark on an incredible journey.

He decided to walk the entire UK coastline on behalf of SSAFA as his way of giving back, with the aim of raising £100,000 for the Armed Forces charity.

Transcript from ‘Paratrooper WALKS The UK | Chris Lewis’ podcast

C – Chris how are you brother?

C – I’m very well Chris, nice to speak to you.

C – Yes, we’ve been like passing ships but under the current climate, and what you’re doing it’s hardly surprising is it.

C – I know, it’s nice to be somewhere where I’ve got some signal and a bit of wi-fi to be able to do this with you.

C – It seems you’ve been taken in by good people quite a lot from what I can see.

C – Yes and I’ve got to be honest with you mate, I’d kinda lost my faith in humanity before I started this but I can promise you for free that’s completely restored. Folks have just been unbelievable you know.

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I hope this finds you well.

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But my life wasn’t always so adrenaline-fuelled and adventured packed …

Upon leaving the Royal Marines I completely lost my mental health and ended up homeless. But without any support from professionals or groups, I got my life back on track and now support others to do likewise and I raise money for veterans charities.

In 2018 I ran an ultramarathon a day #999miles the length of Britain. In 2019 for my 50th birthday I completed a quadruple ironman-distance triathlon, swimming 9 miles, cycling 450 and running for 108.

Now I need YOUR support as I take on my toughest challenge yet!

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