Better To Die Than Be A Coward | The Gurkhas | Podcast #209

better to die than be a coward

Better to die than be a coward, features Tim Gurung who is both a Nepalese Gurkha veteran and author of, ‘The Gurkhas’.

Better To Die Than Be A Coward | The Gurkhas | Tim Gurung

Known for their bravery and loyalty, the Gurkhas are an elite fighting force. They are recruited from tribes around Nepal’s Himalayan foothills for the Nepalese, Indian and British army. Tim Gurung’s book, ‘The Gurkhas’ focuses on their military history, with interviews from nearly one-hundred of their veterans.

Transcript from ‘Better To Die Than Be A Coward’

Tim – In Nepal you had a British army officer who would walk from village to village. I’m probably getting this a bit wrong because it was a long time ago. These young men would come forward and their dream was to be a Gurkha. They would have some criteria and I think you mentioned their chest would have to expand a certain amount of inches. You would have to carry a basket across a route march and some of these young men, they would walk for days to get to the recruitment post.

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