World Class Ultrarunner | Marathon Des Sables | #120

World Class Ultrarunner, Marathon Des Sables, features Captain Tom Evans who is one of the world’s leading competitors in ultrarunning.

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World Class Ultrarunner | Marathon Des Sables | Captain Tom Evans

Tom Evans made his mark on the ultrarunning world in 2017, when he came third in the 251km desert ultra Marathon des Sables (MdS). Despite entering on the back of a bet with a friend, his third-place finish was the best result any European had ever achieved in the history of the race. Evans astounded once again in 2018, when he won the 101km CCC race at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) – the pinnacle of an incredibly successful racing year, which also saw him take the top spot – and break course records – at the Coastal Challenge Costa Rica. At 2019’s Western States 100, a near iconic fixture on the ultrarunning calendar, Evans took third place and even broke the record for the fastest overseas time at the Californian race, clocking 14 hrs 59 minutes in his debut 100-miler. A British Army Captain, Tom Evans was little known to the ultrarunning world until 2017, but is now one of the world’s leading competitors.

Transcript snippet from ‘World Class Ultrarunner | Marathon Des Sables | Captain Tom Evans’ podcast

Chris and Tom

C – Tom, how are you Sir?

T – I’m very well Chris, very well, how are you?

C – Yeah, I’m wonderful and I just want to thank you on joining us on such short notice Tom, I really appreciate it.

T – No, not all, I’m glad you were able to find time in your busy diary to have a chat.

C – Well, I’ve got another thank you for you, which is that you were kind enough to do a quote for my forthcoming book. For people watching it should be up there to the right of my podcast overlay, called State of Mind, which is a Royal Marines slogan. It’s the story of myself running 999 miles, pretty much non stop, sleeping in my tent by the side of the road. Tom very kindly did what we call in blurb terms a quote for the book, so thank you very much mate.

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