The Babylonian Money Mafia | The Angry Bootneck | #142


The Babylonian Money Mafia, features Matt Taylor aka ‘The Angry Bootneck’, chatting about Trump, Biden and the state of affairs in the western world. All brought to you with The Angry Bootneck’s humourous and sardonic point of view.

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The Babylonian Money Mafia

In this episode former Royal Marines Commandos Chris Thrall and Matt Taylor – aka ‘the Angry Bootneck’ – discuss Trump, Biden, the US election and the possible relationship to the money system. Buy ‘1984’ here: Matt Taylor (Royal Marines) is YouTube’s ‘Serially Steamed-Up Soldier!’ The Angry Bootneck went to war five times after arriving at the inescapable conclusion that Iraq and Afghanistan are more scenic than North-East England. British by birth and American by choice, he has an interest in politics and military matters on both sides of the Atlantic. The Angry Bootneck also likes rage, ale and referring to himself in the third-person.

Transcript snippet from ‘The Babylonian Money Mafia | The Angry Bootneck’ podcast

Chris and Matt

C  – Matt, how are you brother?

M – Chris! It’s fantastic to see you again, how the devil?

C – Yes, I’ve been looking forward to this and I like to hear the Angry Bootneck shouting on YouTube, because it makes me feel like I’m not the only one. The only thing I will say for our American brothers and sisters that Bootneck means marines, like JarHead. The only thing is I’ve been an angrier bootneck than you this last month.

M – Yeah, you don’t seem as quite as sanguine as me about the events over the last twelve months, what’s going on? Humour seems to underlay everything I do, my channel is not as serious as yours. Ultimately my channel is a comical take on the news with lots of swearing and rants. I try to approach things in a more humourous way, even though the world appears to be ending on us!

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