Gareth Icke Clown World | Podcast #152

Gareth Icke Clown World. Join me, Chris Thrall, as I chat to Gareth Icke, son of the legendary truth warrior, David Icke.

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Gareth Icke Clown World

Join me as I chat to Gareth Icke, son of the legendary truth warrior, and we laugh at the insanity of living in ‘Clown World’ where people vote for their own loss of liberty and really do believe what they see on the TV. Gareth and I also discuss what we can do to claw back the freedom the sociopathic money masters are stealing from future generations.

Transcript from ‘Gareth Icke Clown World’ Podcast

C – Gareth how are you brother?

G – I’m good thanks mate, how are you? Thanks for having me.

C – Gareth I’m all the more better to listening to your podcast with my good friend Rich Willet. WTAF for people who are listening, what the actual… I’m not going to swear in the first five minutes of a YouTube podcast, because it gets you demonetised, but I think everyone knows what I was going to say. What a breath of fresh air.

G – Well that was sort of the idea really. We were filming The Walk for Ickonic in Derbyshire, and so Rich stayed at my house. We walked about twenty miles that day, so my legs were aching. We had a beer, ordered some takeaway food, and he was like “do you just want to do a podcast, for a laugh”. So I was like yeah alright, and we just chatted for an hour and a half, and it went down really, really well.

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