Suzanne Sharkey | Former Undercover Drugs Officer | #154

Suzanne Sharkey, former undercover drugs officer and now the co-executive director of ‘LEAP’ – the Law Enforcement Action Partnership – law enforcement personnel for drug law & social justice reform.

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Suzanne Sharkey Former Undercover Drugs Officer

Transcript from ‘Suzanne Sharkey Former Undercover Drugs Officer’ podcast

C – So we should say thank you to Neil Wood, straight off the back who’s put us in touch.

S – Yeah sure.

C – For our friends at home, I did a podcast with Neil the other day. Neil’s worked prolifically, if that’s the right word in the undercover substance misuse area. At the end of our podcast Neil said you should speak to Suzanne and that’s what we’re going to do. So I tuned in the other night to your launch of L.E.A.P. Scotland, feel free to correct me if I get the terminology wrong. So L.E.A.P. is the Law Enforcement Action Partnership and my understanding is that it is a partnership of former police professionals who have recognised the UK’s drug policy is failing, am I right?

S – Yeah for sure, it’s an international organisation and it was started in the USA originally as law enforcement against prohibition, which is a nice snappy, you know, you get what it says on the tin, but because of how much drug policy is integral into everyday people’s lives even though they don’t realise it, to sort of open up working with other organisations, it’s been changed to law enforcement action partnership.

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