Robbie Williams and Chris Thrall PART 1| Podcast #51

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams and Chris Thrall part 1 podcast, features global pop star Robbie Williams putting the world to rights with Chris Thrall.

Part Two is here: We discuss EVERYTHING you won’t hear in the Media.

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Robbie Williams and Chris Thrall PART 1

Transcript from ‘Robbie Williams and Chris Thrall Part 1’ podcast

Chris and Robbie

C – Robbie how are you brother?

R – I’m really good actually, it’s nice to speak to you. Your empathy and compassion really, really touched me. Before you pressed record I asked you how you were and you said I’m in paradise, and it’s all in there. I’m in content and I’ve got to contend. How do you get to paradise? Pain medication is fucking evil. I think drugs are the equivalent of a Ouija board and you don’t know what you’re opening up. I think when people talk about demons and sorting out their demons, I think they’re actual demons. I tell you what though, it’s a fucking field day for the conspiracists with everything that’s going on. What I did straight away in this lockdown, was rid myself of the mainstream media news, because I understood it was inflaming my panic, paranoia and fear.

C – Why all the symbolism?

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