The BIG Tiger | David McMillan | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast | #197

The BIG Tiger

The big tiger features David McMillan, who was an international smuggler. He was relentlessly pursued by authorities for over three decades.

The BIG Tiger | David McMillan | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

In September, 2016, David McMillan surfaced from a nightmare of over three decades of relentless pursuit by authorities. After a two-year extradition battle, the Thai government withdrew from their remorseless attempt to bring David back to Bangkok. If they had succeeded, David McMillan would have been facing the death penalty.

Transcript from ‘The Big Tiger’ podcast

David – Well I ran a career of contraband smuggling, across fifty cities. I built my own equipment, created my own disguises and used almost every device imaginable to escape detection. Now retired, I bring you the experiences of the underworld. I’ve met the worst and the best criminals. You’ll get the fine details of forty years where I was crossing borders and concealing goods. Is this a life you could survive?

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