The BMX Boys From ET | Robert Cardoza |Podcast #206

The BMX Boys From ET

The BMX boys from ET, features Robert Cardoza who helped create the iconic bicycle chase in the film, ‘ET’.

The BMX Boys From ET | Robert Cardoza

Robert Cardoza arrived on the set of Steven Spielberg’s, ‘ET – the Extra Terrestrial’ to advise the crew how to set up the complimentary Kuwahara BMXs, his company had delivered. When Spielberg asked if Robert could ride one of these stunt bikes, Bob promptly JUMPED his own over Spielberg’s Porsche! Spielberg promptly sacked the useless stunt rider and Robert and his BMX buddies created the iconic cycle chase that made the film.

Transcript from ‘The BMX Boys From ET’ podcast

Robert – When we filmed this, we never saw most of it. Most of the other kids never even saw the character. We were just riding bikes through this thing with this aluminum ducking system, with a blanket wrapped around it, stuffed in that little thing. The doll wasn’t even in there.

Chris – How come you all had head wear on and headphones? Was that some technical thing?

Robert – No it was it was just the way they wanted to make the kids look.

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