Could YOU Pass SAS Selection? | Nick Grainge | Podcast #228

Could YOU Pass SAS Selection

Could YOU Pass SAS Selection features Nick Grainge who tells us about the arduous selection training for the reserve special-forces.

Could YOU Pass SAS Selection? | Nick Grainge

Nick Grainge is a highly successful athlete and creator of ‘Elite Outdoor Fitness’. In this podcast, Nick gives us his experience of going through selection in order to join 23 Special Air Service. From the Brecons mountains, to the notorious interrogation phase, Nick endured all to attain the coveted sand beret of the world’s most elite special-forces.

Transcript from’ Could YOU Pass SAS Selection?’ podcast

Nick – I think the first step that people need to make is, just try and find out as much information as possible. There’s a lot of information out there nowadays. You mentioned on the last podcast, that this is an open book to a certain extent. Certainly with 23, there’s a lot of open source information out there and if you go to a recruiting office, you can kind of get a really good understanding of what kind of level of fitness you need to go through, to start that process. You can get quite good understanding.

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