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The Exorcist Wanted Me Dead

The Exorcist wanted me dead, features Andrew Gold, who is a journalist, podcast host and televistion presenter.

The Exorcist Wanted Me Dead | Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold is the host of the ‘On the Edge’ podcast. He is a journalist and TV presenter, who’s documentaries range from the bizarre to controversial subcultures. Andrew has battled an abusive exorcist, duelled with the Crazy Baby Lady and hunted UFOs. Andrew holds the record for being the first person to be tear-gassed and water-canoned, whilst filming a documentary about abortion. Join us to hear more amazing tales from this award-winning documentary maker.

Transcript from ‘The Exorcist Wanted Me Dead’ podcast

Andrew – I was living in Argentina and I saw on television there was this fella, this exorcist. He was saying that he could cure people of all sorts of diseases. Out in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, that’s where he was operating. I got in touch with him and said I’d like to go and sort of follow him around for the next couple of months.

My friend David is a director and he was in Argentina at the same time as me. The two of us were like, okay let’s go out in the middle of nowhere. I am the guy ringing the bells and the bells are supposed to stave off the devil. I would sort of kneel over this young woman who was seventeen. The first one was Natalia and she was like thirty odd and she was suffering with urges, pushes and intrusive thoughts.

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