The legendary truth warrior 1984 | Richard Willett | #144

The legendary truth warrior 1984 Richard Willett

The legendary truth warrior 1984, features Richard Willett, who hosts the YouTube channel, ‘Glitch in the code’.

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The legendary truth warrior 1984 Richard Willett

The legendary truth warrior Richard Willett hosts the YouTube channel Glitch in the Code and is a documentary maker with clients such as ‘David I’. Join me and Rich as we discuss the parallels between George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and the present day. Buy the book ‘1984’ here:

Transcript from ‘The legendary truth warrior 1984 Richard Willett’ podcast

Chris and Richard

C – Richard, how are you brother?

R – I’m good, I appreciate you asking me on

C – The thanks is all mine Richard, for our friends at home, I’m absolutely delighted Rich has joined us today. You can’t meet a nicer guy than rich and when it comes to finding out what the real truth is in the world, we’re about even Stevens. Richards knowledge will be far greather than man, as I have to try and spin so many other plates. I can really relax with this podcast as Rich is so knowledgeable and I can almost sit back and relax! It’s also about a subject that I’m quite passionate that people understand, which is to read the book 1984. It gets a mention in almost every podcast I do, because the subject is so pertinent. It relates so much to what we’re all going through at the moment. Rich and I will give you a little introduction to the book, who it’s by and how it came about.  Just remind us of the name of your YouTube Channel Rich?

R – Yes, it’s Glitch In The Code, and you can find me at, YouTube until I’m kicked off, and Bitchute versions are available also.

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