Shaun Attwood and Chris Thrall | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast # 200

shaun attwood and chris thrall

Shaun Attwood and Chris Thrall, features Shaun Attwood, who is a YouTuber, public speaker, author and activist.

Shaun Attwood and Chris Thrall | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast # 200

Shaun Attwood is a former stock-market millionaire and ‘party prescription’ trafficker, turned YouTuber, public speaker, author and activist. He is also banned from America for life.

Transcript from ‘Shaun Attwood and Chris Thrall’ podcast

Chris – Hi Sean, thank you for coming on the podcast again and a huge thank you to everybody watching.

Sean – We’ve both seen a bit of life haven’t we? That’s why people are fascinated by your Youtube channel Chris and why it’s grown so rapidly because you’ve got such gripping stories. You’ve got such a rich life experience from the military to the underworld of Hong Kong.

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