Virtual Planet | Joseph Steel | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #227

Virtual planet features Joseph Steel, who’s company, Virtual Skies, use drone technology to digitise the real world.

Virtual Planet | Joseph Steel

Joseph Steel is part of the Visualskies company who are a collection of studios utilising the latest technology to digitise the real world. Visualskies is an aerial focused technology company, who provide photographic and surveying services for heritage, construction, film and tv sectors. Visual Skies specialise in high definition 3D mapping, Virtual Reality environments, as well as aerial based time-lapse and photography services.

Transcript from ‘Virtual Planet’ podcast

Joseph – Absolutely yes, this is definitely already happening. Virtual reality training already happens. Dropping a soldier into a virtual reality experience feels real when you have the headset on. When you take the headset off afterwards, you’re almost disappointed. It looks worse than the virtual reality world you’ve just been in, which is sort of scary. In as good a form as we can, we can preserve something right now. For Assassin’s Creed they had fully created a digital copy of Notre-Dame in Paris.

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