Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall Freedom Of Speech | #54

Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall On Freedom Of Speech, London Real & The ROBBIE Williams Podcast

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Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall Freedom Of Speech

Here Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall chat about freedom of speech, the rise of London Real and Chris’ recent podcast with pop superstar, Robbie Williams. Shaun Attwood is a very popular commentator on YouTube and other social-media websites.

Transcript from ‘Shaun Attwood & Chris Thrall Freedom Of Speech’ podcast

Chris and Shaun

C – Shaun how are you?

S – Yeah good brother, how are you?

C – You on the gin already?

S – Russian vodka!

C – I had a beer the other day, and it fricking messed me up for about three days.

S – Really, is your system that pure now after decades of drug addled insanity?

C – Well, it is. You know when I have a beer, I’m never gonna just have one beer right, but nonetheless it just makes me wonder how did I function for twenty seven years drinking every day. It is horrible.

S – Yeah, they say you’ve got a twenty to thirty year run on your liver and then it goes.

C – Hahaha thanks! I’m at the end of my allowance if that’s the case!

S – So congratulations on your Robbie Williams interview, I watched it and it was brilliant. I urge people to go over to your channel and watch it. If anyone is watching this on my channel there is link in the description box below this video to Chris’s YouTube channel. He’s been on my podcast twice, brilliant story and I’ll also leave the links for that and also to subscribe to his channel.

C – Thanks Shaun. That was a bit how can you say unexpected really. People keep asking me how I landed Robbie Williams and I said I didn’t, he kindly very left me a lovely message one morning, just to basically say thanks for what you do Chris…

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