London Firefighter’s HORRIFIC True Stories | Stephen Charles #288

London Firefighter’s HORRIFIC True Stories, features Stephen Charles, who was a London Firefighter for 25 years & is now a successful author.

London Firefighter’s HORRIFIC True Stories | Stephen Charles

Stephen Charles served for 25 years in the London Fire Brigade, retiring in 2018. After an amazing career, Stephen became an author and had his first book published, ‘Blood, Soot and Tears’. This gripping podcast sheds some light on Steve’s experiences, serving in one of Britain’s busiest brigades.

Transcript from ‘London Firefighter’s HORRIFIC True Stories’ podcast

Stephen – We pitched the ladder and then we got inside the tower and onto the balcony. We had to pick someone up on the balcony and into the fireman’s carry. Then we had to get over the balcony and onto the ladder with them over your shoulders. That was what’s called a carry down. They don’t do that anymore because these were things that the women found it difficult to do. To pick up and carry down someone is very difficult to do, so they just stopped doing it. So people who go to the fire station now, will turn up and not know if they’re able to carry someone down the ladder or not.

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