Canadian Soldier’s LEGENDARY Stand Against VAX MANDATES #291

Canadian Soldier’s LEGENDARY Stand Against VAX MANDATES, features James Topp, who has marched across Canada to promote liberty & human-rights.

Canadian Soldier’s LEGENDARY Stand Against VAX MANDATES

James Topp went global after he posted a video of himself in uniform, criticizing the Canadian Government’s hardline stance on enforced medical procedures. He has been a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 28 years. James announced in February 2022, that he would be marching from Vancouver to Ottawa in protest. He finished his journey at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. James has continued to Phase 2 of the March for Freedom, from Newfoundland to Ontario. His mission is to uphold Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Transcript from ‘Canadian Soldier’s LEGENDARY Stand’ podcast

James – Like yourself I was a member of the regular army full-time, an infantryman by trade. I had done a number of different types of training over the years. Then I transferred out of the regular army to the reserve army in 2019. I was still serving in a reserve unit here in Canada and I made the decision to make my statement in uniform.

There was an announcement and like you, I saw a policy here that was so inherently, undeniably wrong. As a serving member of the armed forces, I needed to do something to alert the Canadian public at large as to what was happening here.

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