Sleeping With The Enemy | Macau Triads | Ed Jamison | Podcast #205

Sleeping with the enemy, features Edward Jamison, an American lawyer, who was targeted by The Macau Triads.

Sleeping With The Enemy | Macau Triads | Ed Jamison

An American Lawyer moves to Vietnam for love, only to find out later, it’s a high-level scam. Edward Jamison was unknowingly targeted by the Macau Triads and the local corrupt police. After unknowingly sleeping with the enemy, Jamison’s life is now a desperate battle between dodging traps set by The Triads and plotting an escape route from Vietnam.

Transcript from ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ podcast

Edward – I went to the Golden Dragon casino and they have a sauna inside it. I saw this Vietnamese girl, she was beautiful and I ended up really liking her a lot. I fell in love with her, not that day obviously and ended up going back to Macau three weeks later. Then about a month and a half after, I went to Vietnam with her for seven weeks to figure out if I was going to move there. I ended up doing so a few months after that. From my first time going to Macau in July of 2009, I moved there for good in February of 2010. I moved to Vietnam, where she was from, but little did I know the whole thing was a scam.

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