Israeli Special Forces Commander | Dr Itay Gil | Podcast #198

Israeli Special Forces commander features Dr Itay Gil who is a counter-terror, security and aviation security expert.

Israeli Special Forces Commander | Dr Itay Gil

Dr Itay Gil is a counter-terror, security and aviation security expert with experience as an operative and instructor in the CT unit ‘YAMAM’. Itay has personally trained the security for the Israeli and Ukrainian presidents. His other work includes training the FBI and US Airways, amongst many others. In 2015 Itay hosted episode 2 with BBC Special Forces, ‘Ultimate Hell Week’.

Transcript from ‘Israeli Special Forces Commander’ podcast

Chris – Dr Itay, how are you?

Itay – I’m good and thanks for having me on Chris. If you look back a couple of weeks ago, we had a small conflict going on here in Israel. There were rockets from Gaza and a lot of domestic terrorism taking place. I just landed from the United States, I believe it was the 18th of May and I got called in urgently by the military for about twenty days, to be involved in some of the activities.

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