Hollywood Music Mogul | Lee Groves | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #218

Hollywood Music Mogul features Lee Groves, who is one of the world’s leading music producers and a multi-award winner in the music industry.

Hollywood Music Mogul | Lee Groves

Lee Groves is one of the world’s leading music producers and an award winner in the music industry. He started his career programming sound cards and creating samples. Many of Lee’s creations have been used by famous artists. Lee went on to become a session-player, writer and producer. Lee’s clients include, Norman Cook, Steve White, Neil Conti, Vince Clarke, Britney Spears, Madonna and Janet Jackson. In 2007, Lee moved to Australia to work at Level 7 Studios, where he produced many award-winning records.

Transcript from the ‘Hollywood Music Mogul’ podcast

Lee – It’s been quite a journey. I left school in 1989 and I never really had a job, other than doing music. You start out super enthusiastic and super green; not kind of knowing what you’re going to come up against. I think if you did you probably wouldn’t do it. There are a bunch of electronic artists who are now doing film scores and they’re using all the weird techniques. They’re the artists in film schools and some of those are absolutely mind-blowing, they’re really worth checking out.

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