WOKE Culture & The Plan To DESTROY The European Male | David Kurten #282

Woke culture & the plan to destroy the European male, features David Kurten, who is leader of the Heritage Party.

WOKE Culture & The Plan To DESTROY The European Male

David Kurten has served as leader of the Heritage Party since 2020. Chris and David discuss the psyops and physical ops creeping into daily life – chem-trails, wokism, anti-science and the transgender lie.

Transcript from ‘WOKE Culture & The Plan To DESTROY The European Male’ podcast

David – State governors in Australia were doing the same. China had massive lockdowns of people and it’s still going on. Some countries did say no to this, I mean Belarus said no, Sweden and Brazil. There were some countries that didn’t follow the agenda there. Sweden normally does everything wrong but this time it seems they were allowed no lockdowns. The reason for that, is they’ve already got a digital identity system set up. Which was the end game of this, it’s been in place for decades you know in Sweden. Everybody has a a number that they’ve given at birth and they have to use this government number to access any government services. They’re way ahead in the globalist plans for digital identity.

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