Fisherman’s Friends | Doc Martin | Julian Seager | Podcast #219

Fisherman’s Friends features Julian Seager, who is a British actor known for his roles in Doc Martin, Poldark and Fisherman’s Friends.

Fisherman’s Friends | Doc Martin | Julian Seager

Julian Seager is an English award-winning character actor. He appears in Fisherman’s Friends and has recently had a lead role in the horror movie Election Night. Julian has featured in TV shows such as Bafta award-winning Poldark and Miracle Workers. Perhaps his most famous role is Fisherman Tom in the highly-successful, Doc Martin.

He also appears in movies such as Death Race 4, Scareycrows, Viking Legacy, Survivorz and a plethora of Independent films. The horror short, Baghead, has won many awards, including best supporting actor for Julian at the British Horror Film Festival. His deep and versatile voice has lead him to work in narration and gaming.

Transcript from ‘Fisherman’s Friends Doc Martin’ podcast

Julian – You have to be able to take on accents and you know I’m not happy with accents. I tend to do them when I’m in the shoot or in that mode. They’re all still there but I don’t tend to be able to just pull them out my pocket. I’m kind of a method, character actor. I’ll just find an accent for that individual character that I’m playing and then just keep hold of it. I tend to store them away afterwards and I just forget about them. I get asked if I’ll do this accent or that accent and it’s not how I work, so it’s weird.

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