Ginger Bucks Matter | Martin Maloney Eddie Durkan | #72

The Ginger Bucks Matter podcast, features star of The TV show Vikings, Martin Maloney, aka Eddie Durkan and host, Chris Thrall.

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Ginger Bucks Matter

Join me and Martin Maloney, aka Eddie Durkan from the box-office smash Hardy Bucks and star of the hit TV series Vikings, as we discuss utterly totally massively riveting damn fine good stuff! “Hardy Bucks was created in 2007 when Chris Tordoff (Viper Higgins) filmed Martin Maloney (Eddie Durkin) and Owen Colgan (Buzz McDonnell) for a college project. After sitting on the footage for a year, Tordoff uploaded the shorts to YouTube. The show’s popularity eventually got it commissioned by RTE who took editorial control of the show. Starring Martin Maloney as Eddie Durkan, Chris Tordoff as ‘The Viper’.

It is written by and produced by Mike Cockayne, Hardy Bucks features Peter Cassidy, Owen Colgan and Tom Kilgallon, plus a cast of extras from Swinford and beyond. The Hardy Bucks Movie was released by Universal Pictures in Feb 2013, achieving Box Office No 1 on its opening weekend and becoming the most successful Irish film of 2013.”

Transcript from ‘Ginger Bucks Matter | Martin Maloney aka Eddie Durkan’ podcast

Chris and Martin

M – We’re live!

C – We are live! Martin, how are you mate?

M – Very good Chris, thank you very much, how are you doing?

C – Ahhh, it’s so good to speak to you, I am absolutely made up!

M – I have to say I was seriously impressed with the Robbie Williams interview if I do say so myself. If it’s good enough for Robbie Williams it’s good enough for Martin Maloney.

C – Well, yeah I have to say I was good in that yes! …

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