From CLAPPING To SACKING | NHS Paramedic Lilith | #226

From clapping to sacking features NHS paramedic Lilith, who along with her colleagues, are battling to save their jobs.

From Clapping To Sacking | NHS Paramedic Lilith brings together NHS, Care, and social work colleagues, including more than 111,000 NHS staff who have exercised their basic human right of informed consent regarding a medical intervention. NHS paramedic Lilith, chats with Chris Thrall regarding her co-worker’s fight to keep their jobs.

Transcript from, ‘From Clapping To Sacking’ podcast

Lilith – So The NHS 100k is the platform we’ve just created. It’s only been two weeks and we’re seeing good growth, so hopefully, we can get more people involved. Hopefully we can stop the legislation coming in.

Chris – First of all, yes cracking effort getting your organization off the ground and rallying the good, wonderful people in the health industry. It’s certainly got some movers and shakers. So a massive thank you to you and a big well done

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