Dog Soldiers A British Army Classic | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #214

Dog soldiers a British army classic, features Neil Marshall, a hugely successful writer, film director and producer.

Dog Soldiers A British Army Classic | Producer Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall is a highly successful film and television director, producer and screenwriter. Neil’s film work includes the classic Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Hellboy and The Reckoning. His television credits include Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Westworld and Lost in Space. Neil’s latest film, The Lair, is set to be an all-out monster movie, with everything from flesh-eating aliens to The Special Air Service.

Transcript from ‘Dog Soldiers A British Army Classic’ podcast

Neil – The movie just seems to keep on going which is lovely.

Chris – To have a film that becomes a cult-classic just must be a writer and director’s dream.

Neil – Well it is, you don’t plan for that and I just kind of threw everything in with the kitchen sink as I was making it. It was my first feature and I had a whole bunch of ideas and threw all sorts of things in there. A lot of them stuck and I always just imagined it as being like the sort of being the ultimate post-pub movie. You come back from the pub having had a few, then sit down and watch it. It hits all the marks for that.

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