Climate Solutions and Eco Adventures | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #220

Climate solutions and eco adventures, features Isaac Kenyon who has created, ‘Pedal 4 Parks’, an organisation trying to regenerate the U.K.’s national parks.

Climate Solutions and Eco Adventures | Isaac Kenyon

Isaac Kenyon’s vision is to assist the world in meeting its forecasted energy demands and to enhance global sustainability. After managing a team adventure to row across the Atlantic ocean, Isaac created, ‘Pedal 4 Parks’. This organisation is an eco-adventure to regenerate the U.K.’s national parks.

Transcript from ‘Climate Solutions and Eco Adventures’ podcast

Isaac – The community is kind of separating out and a lot of our communication is taken across screens. We’re doing this podcast for a screen right now and it’s unbelievable how disconnected we are.

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