The Truth Is Out There | James Bartley | Podcast #208

The truth is out there, features James Bartley who is an alien abduction researcher and author of, ‘Alien Reptilian Legacy’.

The Truth Is Out There | James Bartley

James Bartley has been researching Alien Abductions and the Military/Aerospace Connection to UFOs, for over twenty five years. In this podcast, James talks to Chris about Roswell, Bob Lazar and his own encounters with things beyond this world. The truth, is out there.

Transcript from ‘The Truth Is Out There’ podcast

James – I’ve been investigating alien abductions and extraterrestrial life forms, for over thirty years now. My mentor was Barbara Barthelic and she was the foremost alien abduction researcher in history. Her first protege was Doctor Carla Turner. I strongly believe both of them were assassinated. She was a pioneer in this field. I’ve had my own alien abduction experiences that have prompted me to embark on this odyssey of research and investigations. I’ve a strong background studying military history and the aerospace community. I was born into a military family and I’m very familiar with the way the military works.

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