The Battle For Mount Longdon | A Falklands War Special | #186

The battle for Mount Longdon features James O’Connell, formerly of 3 Para, speaking about his experience during The Falklands War in 1982.

The Battle For Mount Longdon | A Falklands War Special | #186

Under cover of darkness 3 Para began their assault on Mount Longdon in June 1982. The three platoons of B Company each approached the mountain silently, treading carefully through a series of defensive minefields. Following on from an explosion, fighting quickly escalated with shocking speed and severity. The ensuing battle resulted in some of the harshest close-hand fighting experienced by British troops, since the Korean war.

Transcript from ‘The Battle For Mount Longdon’ podcast.

Chris – James, was it disappointing that you were being inserted by boat as opposed to coming from the sky?

James – With the distance you knew it wasn’t going to happen. We sailed down on the Camberra with all our parachute kit. We were ready to go any way we could. It would have been legendary wouldn’t it?

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