Mission FAILED Afghanistan | Marty Stalker | Podcast #199

Mission failed Afghanistan, features veteran Royal Marine, Marty Stalker, who is now a successful film-maker and writer.

Mission FAILED Afghanistan | Marty Stalker | Podcast #199

Marty Stalker was a section-commander with the Royal Marines and is now an established film-maker and writer. As company director with, ‘Scattered Images’ based in Belfast, Marty has already built up an impressive body of work. In this podcast, Marty chats with Chris Thrall regarding his recent venture back into Afghanistan and the forthcoming film, ‘Afghanistan’.

Transcript from ‘Mission FAILED Afghanistan’ podcast

Marty – I believe we’re heading into the second year of a ten-year globalist agenda and that hey want the whole world globalized. That’s not me being some sort of conspiracy theorist, I just believe in nothing that I see. I feel like I know we’re heading into it. We are in a globalist agenda right now and they couldn’t have been happier with the first two years.

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