# 38 Comedian Of The Year | Resilience Coach | Tedx Speaker | Marty Wilson | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Ever thought about stand-up comedy? I chat with Australia’s Comedian of the Year, TedX speaker and resilience coach Marty Wilson

Transcript snippet from podcast

Chris and Marty

‘Hello Friends,

C – Marty, how are you mate?

M – Excellent, excellent. I’m stuck at home, home schooling a sixteen, thirteen and eight year old boys. Three boys! So, how do you think I am brother!!!

C – Yeah, this lockdown, it’s putting people through there paces a bit, it certainly tests out your skill set.

M – I’ve found myself, particularly with the three boys, having to soften a bit as a male. I’m a big softy at the best of time but the normal rules have to go out the window a little bit … ‘

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