Black Ops In Vietnam | Alan Cutter US NAVY | Bought The T-Shirt #241

Black Ops In Vietnam features Alan Cutter, who served in the Vietnam War, as part of the US Naval Advisory Group.

Black Ops In Vietnam | Alan Cutter US NAVY

Alan Cutter’s military career began in 1969, after he enlisted into the US Naval Security Group. He trained to become a commissioned officer and was sent to Vietnam to officially work as an interpreter. Many of his assignments were listed as, ‘According to the needs of the service’.

After attaining his Master of Divinity, Alan served as a pastor, whilst completing his Doctor of Ministry degree. Alan was eventually diagnosed with PTSD and then with Agent Orange related Parkinson’s disease. While frequenting a Veteran’s center, he met Father Phil Salois and joined the organisation Phil had founded the year before. After retiring as a pastor, Alan has written many acclaimed books, whilst enjoying the Florida sunshine.

Transcript from ‘Black Ops In Vietnam’ podcast

Alan – I went the X.O. and I said this was a very strange incident and I described what had happened. He just looked at me and said, you know what you’ve done? I told them to take care of them. They actually looked at me and said, you’ve signed their death warrant.

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