US Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator BUDS & Combat | #74

US Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator breaks down BUDS & Combat. This podcast features Aaron Howard chatting with Chris Thrall, regarding his career and injury fighting in Afghanistan.

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US Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator BUDS & Combat

Ever wondered what it must be like to train and fight with SEAL Team 6? What BUDS and Hell Week must be like? In these podcast CLIPS, Former US Navy SEAL Aaron Howard breaks down SEAL Team Six’s combat and and behind the scenes training. Aaron explains how he was severely injured in Afghanistan but faces his toughest battle yet.

Transcript snippet from ‘US Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator BUDS & Combat’ podcast

Chris and Aaron

C – Aaron, how are you brother?

A – I’m good how are you?

C – Yeah, really well thank you? Which part of the States are you in?

A – I’m up in Virginia on the Eastern shore.

C – Okay, Norfolk is in Virginia right?

A – It’s about a three hour drive South from D.C.

C – Yeah I was in Virginia when I was in the marines I was on an aircraft carrier for a year, and we stopped in Virginia and we hired a car and drove up to Washington. That was a hell of a trip.

A – I bet, especially on the shoot up.

C – So Aaron, I think I should point out you’re are the first Navy Seal we’ve had on the show. We’ve heard a lot of SAS and some SBS guys from this side of the pond, but from the Atlantic side of America you’re the first Navy Seal. So thank you and congratulations…

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