The Dancing Boxer | Jordan ‘The Wanderer’ Reynolds #273

The dancing boxer features Jordan Reynolds who escaped his tough childhood to become an impressive middle-weight boxer.

The Dancing Boxer | Jordan ‘The Wanderer’ Reynolds

Dancing Boxer, Jordan ‘The Wanderer’ Reynolds, is an impressive middle-weight boxer who has proudly captained England and faced world-ranked fighters. From a troubled background, Jordan has turned his dark into light by becoming one of England’s top boxers.

Transcript from ‘The Dancing Boxer’ podcast

Chris – First off,congratulations on everything you’ve achieved and also putting that to one side, the message you’re putting out for young people. Young people that might be going down a pathway that they’re going to regret. Picking up a knife, doing the drug thing or whatever.

Jordan – I love where I come from and it’s the way the world’s gonna make it, so I want to play a big part in building people up, so yeah I think it’s key.

Chris – It’s similar isn’t it as Tyson Fury, he always puts a good a good message out doesn’t he?

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