Tommy Robinson | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast #272

Tommy Robinson podcast features the Luton activist, who has been banned from left-wing social-media platforms for criticizing a religion.

Tommy Robinson | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

Tommy Robinson is a highly famous activist, documentary maker, writer and media personality. We hear about the changes that have happened in Tommy’s life, his new book and what’s next in his public career.

Transcript from ‘Tommy Robinson’ podcast

Tommy – Then there are these corporations whom want war. They’re happy with what’s going on Ukraine and in fact they’ve instigated it since 2014. They now they create this big thing where everyone has to be pro-Ukraine. We should be saying, stop the war and stop sending weapons. I believe it’s to do with the European Union’s expansionist ideas.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for years. Our government send weapons to Saudi Arabia. The hypocrisy in what we’re witnessing! Saudi Arabia a regime that has little freedom for women, kills you if you’re gay and if you leave Islam, you’re murdered. We’re all talking about Putin being this mad bad guy, but what about these guys? The hypocrisy.

The footballers are going to Qatar. Now you take our national football team to Qatar and you want to get on your knees at Wembley stadium and talk about oppression? Six and a half thousand migrants have died building those stadiums in Qatar. Six and a half thousand slaves have died and you want to moan and get on your knees about historical abuse. The abuse is happening right now. What about gay English fans who want to go and watch the football in Qatar? It’s punishable by death and is Gareth Southgate going to lead the woke mob about that, because he was all woke in the Euros?

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