The Bush War 3 Commando Rhodesian Light Infantry | Podcast #234

The Bush war 3 Commando, features Chris Cocks, who saw continuous action with the Rhodesian Light Infantry against Mugabe’s Guerilla forces.

The Bush War | Rhodesian Light Infantry

Chris served in 3 Commando, Rhodesian Light Infantry from 1976 to 1979. He saw continuous action against Mugabe’s ZANLA and NKomo’s ZIPRA forces. Airmobile in Alouette III helicopters and vintage C-47 Dakotas, Chris amassed over twenty combat jumps. The Rhodesian commandos were at the spearhead on cross-border raids into Zambia and Mozambique.

Transcript from ‘The Bush War | 3 Commando’ podcast

Chris – There were probably three or four fire forces in operation at any one time. Not all were operated by the R.L.I. with a couple being operated by the Rhodesian African Rifles. They raised the fire force strength from three helicopters and a Dakota DC3 converted. The Dakota could take sixteen to twenty pairs at a time.

What had happened, is the fire force would take the three helicopters and they’d go off to the contact area with the Lynx hovering around. The helicopters would go back and try and pick up a second wave of troops if they could. Depending on how the contact developed, he would utilize his powers and they would drop sixteen to twenty to troops. They would become the sweep line.

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