Combat Veteran & Gun Owner’s Right To Bear Arms | #165

Combat veteran & gun owner discuss the right to bear arms & the current global tyranny. Chris Thrall talks with Dave Ewing regarding the right to bear arms, in a world which seems to becoming more of a police state by the year.

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Combat Veteran & Gun Owner Discuss The Right To Bear Arms featuring Dave Ewing

Are they coming for our guns, or have they already got them? In this fascinating podcast, Chris Thrall, a former Royal Marines Commando, chats with Dave Ewing from Firearms UK about shooting, rifles and the right to bear arms in the face of global tyranny.

Transcript from ‘Veteran & Gun Owner Discuss The Right To Bear Arms’

C – Dave represents an organization called Firearms uk and I’m sure he’s gonna tell us more about that.

D – As you say, keep the masses bickering so they don’t concentrate on the real issues. I mean there’s a guy like George Orwell and he’s quite well known for all his works. There’s a famous quote attibuted to him, ‘That rifle in the laborer’s house is the greatest symbol of democracy’.

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