All Arms Commando Course & Rowing The Atlantic | Podcast #216

All arms commando course & rowing the Atlantic ocean, features Jack Jarvis, who is setting out to row across the Atlantic ocean, unsupported.

All Arms Commando Course & Rowing The Atlantic

Jack Jarvis is a resourceful, adaptive and tenacious individual. After joining the British army at 16 years old, he immediately volunteered for the All Arms Commando course. On successful completion, he spent the next seven years of his career within 59 Commando Squadron. This gave Jack a wealth of experience in risk management and operating in high stress situations. Jack won the British Army indoor rowing league in 2019. Jack’s next endeavour is to row 4500 nautical miles across the Altantic ocean, unsupported.

Transcript from ‘All Arms Commando Course’ podcast

Jack – I’ll be the first person to go from mainland Europe, to mainland north America, non-stop, solo unsupported. That just means you can’t stop anywhere, not in the Canaries or the Caribbean. People say you’re mad or you’re brave and I remember when I first volunteered for 59 Commando. I could do two pull-ups and I couldn’t climb the 30 meter rope.

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