Unsung HERO Of The Falklands War | Mick Fellows MBE | Royal Navy #289

Unsung HERO Of The Falklands War, features Royal Navy Clearance Diver, Mick Fellows MBE, won many awards for his legendary work, saving lives.

Unsung HERO Of The Falklands War | Mick Fellows MBE | Royal Navy

Michael George Fellows MBE DSC BEMG, joined the Royal Navy in 1955. Mick was Fleet Chief Petty Officer Clearance Diver and second-in-command of the team, when the Falklands War started. His job was to search RFA and Warships for limpet mines, after suspected enemy underwater operations against the fleet. Under attack, Mick’s team were tasked to investigate and defuse numerous unexploded bombs onboard many of the taskforce ships.

His team’s amazing and highly dangerous work, helped save the lives of hundreds of British personel. He is the first man in naval history to defuse unexploded bombs on board a warship at sea. Mick was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Another award came in the shape of the British Empire Medal for Gallantry, for bomb and mine disposal in Northern Ireland. Further work in the Royal Navy saw him receive the MBE, after the tragic Herald Of Free Enterprise accident. Mick served a total of 35 years with the Royal Navy and ended his career with the rank of Warrant Officer, first class.

Transcript from ‘Unsung HERO Of The Falklands War’ podcast

Mick – Initially we left our position by the bomb and ran forward for shelter. We ran first into a mess deck and I saw a table there. So I went to dive under the table only to find out that my leading diver was already under there. He looked at me and said, you might be the boss but fuck off, I was here first. I looked at him, looked up and saw we were both hiding under a five-ply wooden table that wasn’t going to protect us from anything.

We were working alongside what I thought at that time and confirmed later, was a 1000 pound bomb. We had a bit of a laugh then decided, let’s get on with the bomb. I worked around the bomb clearing wreckage away, while my guys were putting out the fire. Then in between times, assisting me with cold chisels, hammers and hacksaws. We cleared the wreckage so I could get towards the tail end to see the state of the fuse. I realized after a while that the tail end of the bomb had snapped off on its passageway through the ship.

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