SKYDIVE Over EVEREST | John Chart | Bought The T-Shirt #283

Skydive over Everest, features John Chart who was a fireman for over 26 years, until being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.


John Chart was a London Firefighter for over 26 years until ill health ended his career. He was diagnosed with the dibilitating Motor-Neurone Disease. With the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson and Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham SAS cheering him on, John is fighting this all the way. John joined wounded veterans in a charity bicycle ride across the length of the UK. He then fulfilled his dream of skydiving over Mount Everest. Viewer discretion advised as some parts of this podcast relating to firefighting, may be unsettling for some viewers.

Transcript from ‘Skydive Over Everest’ podcast

John – She’d been dragged along the line by the train which had obviously punctured into her side. In the end they took them off me and put them in one of these bags to secure them. The the tragedy of that, was that the woman passed away sadly afterwards. Then we had another one where this woman had emphysema and had the oxygen equipment to do the breathing.

This old dear was sitting indoors on her oxygen equipment. She was taking one breath of oxygen then taking the mask away and having a drag of a cigarette. Oxygen and heat don’t go well together, so the next thing was a massive explosion that blew out the windows. This was all over the news.

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