CAPSIZED On The PACIFIC! | Mick Dawson | #86

CAPSIZED On The PACIFIC! features former Royal Marines Commando, film maker, professional sailor and adventurer, Mick Dawson.

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CAPSIZED On The PACIFIC! | Mick Dawson

Mick Dawson is a former Royal Marines Commando, film maker, professional sailor and adventurer. He is best known for rowing the Pacific Ocean with friend and fellow ocean rower Chris Martin in a new state of the art vessel, Bojangles, which Mick built. In 2009, they completed their 7,000 mi (11,000 km) voyage in 189 days 10 hours and 55 minutes; a world first and earning a place in the Guinness Book of records. His tale of being capsized alone while rowing the Pacific is one you don’t want to miss!

Transcript snippet from ‘CAPSIZED On The PACIFIC! | Mick Dawson’ podcast

Chris and Mick

C – Mick how are you brother?

M – I’m very well mate, thanks for the invite. It’s great to meet you face to face so to speak, well as face to face as you can get these days.

C – It’s amazing isn’t it Mick, I feel like I’ve met all these amazing people and the truth is I haven’t.

M – It’s the next best thing mate.

C – I get peoples numbers on my phone so I can show someone and say “Yep, look he is my friend!” What an amazing life story you’ve had, and as I’ve said to you before what a great example you set to our young people with your adventures, in the ocean rowing capacity I’ll say for people who are unaware of your story…

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